Network Optimization For Better Performance
Ensuring that your users have access to critical applications and services when they need it most requires knowledge of where your bandwidth is used, and the ability to set policies to prioritize it.

Bandwidth prioritization lets you control bandwidth to specific content categories and gives you easy-to-understand reporting on your network’s bandwidth usage so you can troubleshoot problems and limit or prioritize certain users and applications to maintain the highest level of service and performance which is crucial in today’s business environment.

Packet Shaper has traffic shaping technology that allows you to sort out WAN and Internet performance problems. Through active prevention of network congestion, shaping controls bandwidth utilization and application performance. It also allows you to ensure true QoS (Quality Of Service) for critical applications like voice and video to CRM and ERP. PacketShaper helps in identifying infected PCs and unsanctioned traffic as well as protecting performance of key applications and the network during the time of attack. Furthermore, it does this all while delivering hard ROI from bandwidth savings, multiplied WAN capacity and increased application performance.

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