Digital Signage Singapore solutions for Businesses

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Samsung Digital Signage Singapore Solutions

Digital Signage Singapore Solutions

 What is Digital Signage?

Have you noticed those TV monitors that are used more and more frequently when you go out to public places in Singapore such the cinema, restaurants, retail stores or in places of education? Digital signage is a medium that is increasingly used to capture the attention and to transfer information to the targeted audience. Varying contents (such as videos, pictures, messages, audio recordings) are displayed on specialised large format screens which can be then dynamically played out based on the business requirements. Digital signage content can be modified with ease as no alteration needs to be made to your physical sign. Predefined schedulers can be created and strategically placed so that the most appropriate content and media is put out to the targeted crowd at the best timings. These schedulers are also able to automatically switch your screen off during non operational hours to conserve electricity.

Digital Signage can be used for a wide range of purposes:

  1. Information sharing – Time of arrivals for the next train, airport flight arrivals, etc.
  2. Increasing sales – Placing content at an area of high traffic to promote products, discounts, etc.
  3. Advertising medium – Public area advertising which sells promotional space to merchants and advertisers
  4. Influencing the behavior and experience of customers – Providing directions and information to customers to the desired areas of interests.
  5. Branding – Businesses are able to utilise video and signage panel to build brand awareness and convey desired messages to the viewers.
Samsung Digital Signage Singapore Solutions

Digital Signage Singapore Solutions

Digital Signage and Digital Media uses

Businesses, education schools, transportation companies, airports, in Singapore have become increasingly creative in their use of digital advertising. Being able to create content in an infinitely more flexible and variable manner through digitization have allowed the communication and outreach to a very specific and targeted audience. The usage of video and audio have also expanded the capabilities where previous use of posters and static displays were not able to. Prices for hardware have also come down and for simpler set ups, a signage player is usually adequate to store and run the required content. For bigger and more challenging requirements, these signage players can also be networked, remotely and centrally controlled for the ease of managing large projects. Video walls can also be deployed if a bigger display is required.

The ability to promote and market through such digital advertising have also change the way companies are promoting their brands. Signage displaying contents which are frequently refreshed are perfectly suited for retail stores to reflect the change in fashion seasons and to bring attention to promotional or items slower in sales. These also provides a trendy and chic appearance to retail outlets. The systems can also be set up to be interactive and increase engagement with the audience. Digital signages can also be placed at windows or even outdoor and secured safely to protect from mischief.

Samsung Digital Signage Singapore Solutions

Digital Signage Singapore Solutions

Signage solutions and the need for media servers

Best digital signage solutions in Singapore come in a plethora of choices. For a standalone single monitor set up whose content is not changed frequently, there is a less likely need to require any form of remote or off site monitoring and controlling. For a multi site, multi location set up, having a centrally controlled system linked by a network or the internet could offer benefits to the organisation when it comes to the ease of and near real time changes along with manpower requirements. Choices these days for such a set up include on site media system server solutions which can be located at the company’s main office or hosted by a service provider. Cloud server based options are also available for businesses which prefer to not own additional hardware and have such services managed by a service provider such as Cynosure. Content management systems that are web based or software controls are easy to use and operate by key personnel with minimal training. These implementations can be done even if your screens are not located in Singapore.

Cynosure also partners with Samsung digital signage and LG digital signage solutions as well as third party implementations.



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