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Smart Electronic Interactive Whiteboard for Singapore

Looking for an interactive whiteboard (IWB) for your office or classroom? Cynosure carries multiple models from leading brands such as Samsung, ViewSonic and Panasonic to provide you the best available recommendation to fit your requirements. Contact us today to find out more about electronic IWB for Singapore usage.

Samsung Interactive Whiteboard

Samsung Interactive Whiteboard Singapore

Samsung Interactive Whiteboard Singapore

Samsung offers a unique solution with their IWB software. Designed to make your presentations more effective and better engage with your audience, these white boards come with purpose built software for both Academic and Business applications and are fully able to go online.

Samsung Magic IWB Brochure Singapore



Viewsonic Interactive Whiteboard

ViewSonic Interactive Whiteboard

ViewSonic Interactive Whiteboard

Viewsonic’s Interactive flat panel displays come with multi touch capabilities which allow 2 people to use their fingers or stylus to create content and interact with varying software. This display comes built in with various input and output options to maximize your capabilities to connect to other media players or PCs and subsequently online. These panels come built in with Windows and varying purpose built software for every IWB need.

ViewSonic Interactive Whiteboard Brochure


Panasonic and Panaboard

Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard

Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard

Panasonic’s offerings start with an electronic whiteboard which scans and prints out the written content without a PC. If more features are required, a PC enabled model allows the user access to more features.




IWB are big displays which are becoming more common place in schools and offices. It’s connection to a computer expands its capabilities to a lot further than merely just being a digital whiteboard. These smart whiteboards are made to be interactive through multi touch sensors located on the screen overlay. Commonplace features these days include digital file saving, sending the content directly to printers or even emails. Online whiteboards are also commonly sought after for these mentioned purposes.


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