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Video Conferencing Systems and Solutions Singapore

When purchasing a video conference solution for your business needs, be mindful of your requirements so that you do not overspend or under invest. Cynosure Systems provides Video Conference Solutions in Singapore. We believe in seeking the best solution for your Video Conferencing requirements. Contact us if you need more information or to arrange a demo.

Find out more about our offerings from the following brands:

Polycom RealPresence / HDX Solution

Cisco Telepresence Solution

Avaya Radvision Solution

Panasonic Solution

Find out more about our video integration with your Microsoft Lync set up.

Advent of Video Conferencing in Singapore

With the emergence of the Internet, ever increasing bandwidth and telcos offering cheaper plans, more and more companies are taking up video conferencing solutions. While video conference systems were a premium IT asset in the past, prices have been greatly reduced these days. While most people relate VC to cutting down of travelling cost, the true benefit of video conferencing to give a face to face meeting On Demand. When certain things are just too difficult to communicate over the phone, a face to face discussion helps.


Video Conferencing Solutions Singapore

Video Conferencing Solutions Singapore

Key Advantages of Video Conferencing:

– Cutting travel time (between facilities, states, provinces)

– On Demand Meetings (can be setup instantly)

– Allows employees to collaborate with customers/ colleagues from     anywhere

– Share content like presentation slides


There are a few categories of Video Conferencing Equipment and Software. While every manufacturer produces and designs their products differently, they can be generally classified as below:

  1. PC webcam + software – using built in camera or USB webcam + a software like Skype or WebEx. Typical Cost: $200 – $800
  2. Video Conference Endpoint – a proper video camera, typically capable of 4x zoom, pan and tilt. Comes with a video processing codec and usually placed in a meeting room and connected to a TV monitor. Typical cost: $2,500 – $7,000
  3. Video Conference Endpoint with Embedded Video Bridge – also comes with a good camera and codec but more powerful, able to host multi-parties conference calls. Typical Cost: $10,000 – $20,000
  4. Video Bridge – video bridges can host large video conferences of more than 10 parties. Each party can join the bridge using a video endpoint.
  5. Mobile Devices – some manufacturers offer video to mobile devices.

Cynosure carries solutions from: Polycom, Cisco Tandberg, Avaya Radvision, Panasonic and Lifesize.


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