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Panasonic KX-VC1600

Panasonic Video Conferencing KX-VC1600 Singapore

Panasonic Video Conferencing KX-VC1600 Singapore

The newly launched Video Conferencing systems from Panasonic is designed with the business user in mind. Options include up to 10 total parties dialing in as well as mobile and PC solutions for participants on the move. The VC system’s high 1080p and 60 frames per second facilitates effective and life like communication, transcending the traditional video conferencing experience, regardless of the location of your participants. Connect multiple parties which reduces hassle through ease of use and lowers your operational costs. A user orientated system increases uptake rate and thus increases your investment’s time to ROI.

Connections of up to 3 monitors allow the user to experience maximum coverage of what is being shared and viewed in the conference. The usage of a camera which pans and tilts along with full HD and up to 12x zoom, ensures that nothing is missed in the meeting room. The voice recording device has 4 built in microphones to capture and produce high quality sound with clarity. An echo canceller removes any disturbances that might be present. These features combine to facilitate a natural like communication to ensure the best conferencing experience for all parties.

A cloud based Nat traversal service allows your Video Conferencing equipment to be reached by other parties even without extensive network configurations and services such as static IP from your internet service provider.

An advanced QoS (Quality of Service) system restores lost packets which make the streaming video cast appear distorted and disrupts the flow of communication. These packets of data are restored through forward error correction and automatic repeat request control. The system also intelligently estimates and controls the data volume that is being transferred in order to minimize distracting disruptions to your meeting.

The Panasonic Video Conferencing system can also be fitted with a wireless dongle at locations where cabling might not be possible or to even make it truly mobile.

Panasonic KX-VC1300

Panasonic Video Conferencing KX-VC1600 Singapore

Panasonic Video Conferencing KX-VC1600 Singapore






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