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Samsung Video Wall Singapore
Cynosure works with market leaders such as Samsung & LG Video Wall and Large Format Displays for varying verticals such as corporate, control room, retail, hospitality, education, etc. Mobiles stands and carts are available as well. Centrally managed or cloud controlled digital signage solutions are also available.

Speak to one of our Video Wall specialists today for a unique Video Wall solution based on your media display requirements for a local or overseas installation.

A wide range of ultra narrow bezel large format displays are available for near seamless images and content to create powerful and impactful video walls that are noticed by the people important to you.

We provide the thinnest space saving Video Wall designs in the current market for the minimum space required for installation. These ultra thin displays are designed to barely protrude from the wall and blend perfectly into your desired area.

Control and manage your desired contents with ease for your Video Wall with purpose built solutions involving minimal additional hardware and training.

Select from a range of ultra sharp display qualities and pinpoint colour accuracy which provides consistency across multiple screens and Video Walls to ensure outstanding definition and intensity to impress any audience.

Cynosure provides both Indoor and outdoor Video Walls solutions for your unique business requirements, be it indoors in a lighted environment, an area of direct sunlight and even outdoor building facades.

Superb heat management systems for the longest lasting hardware operations to get the most of out of your Video Wall investment.

Integrate these large format display (LFD) screens with external hardware such as PCs, Network Storage Devices, Surveillance Cameras to fulfill your business requirements. We provide customization and specialized solutions for your unique industrial needs.

LG Video Wall Features

LG Video Wall 55WV70 55WV70B

LG Video Wall 55WV70 55WV70B

Industry leading bezel breadth with varying sized Super-Narrow bezel screens creates a visually
stunning video wall that’s simply put in, maintained and managed.

Flexible content editing in varied layouts as well as regular matrix and irregular video-wall while not while not having the necessity of an extra video wall console.

TruMotionTM 60Hz refresh rate reduces motion blur and vibrate, allowing customers to relish video content with improved clarity.

Shine-out film enhances the image quality by reducing external light caused reflections for a vivid clear image.

Display of super high resolution UHD content in Video wall through DP1.2 daisy chain.

Flexible content editing in varied layouts as well as regular matrix and non-formal irregular video-wall is feasible to your preference in a timely and price effective manner by not needing costly video wall consoles.

LG Video Wall WV70MS Leaflet

Samsung Video Wall Features

Samsung Video Wall LH55UDEBLBB

Samsung Video Wall LH55UDEBLBB

Any irregularity during a video wall’s brightness and color accuracy across displays will negatively impact the viewing presentation. To eliminate these styles of color expression gaps and maintain a fully-aligned, consistent and fascinating presentation, Samsung’s UDE-B Series video walls feature advanced works standardization, innovative hardware and exceptional user standardization tools. Samsung’s multi-step factory calibration method tunes video wall displays to the highest-performing uniform brightness and color across every display out-of-the-box. once calibrated, these displays provide an industry-leading local uniformity of over ninety percent across twenty five (5×5) areas of every monitor, leading to uniform color expression across the complete display. The standardization method additionally allows the displays to supply a superior white balance distinction of less than three hundred degrees K.*

In addition to rigorous factory standardization, users will manage brightness and color uniformity handily with Samsung Color expert, a robust free software package program. Through these advanced color management solutions, the UDE Series video walls enable large-scale exhibitions to feature superior uniformity, consistency and performance for the final word in color expression.

The enhanced panel quality of Samsung’s video wall panels elevates visual electronic messaging and content through a seamless image and superior clarity. that includes an ultra-narrow bezel, that is the slimmest edge within the video wall business, the panels creates a just about uninterrupted viewing experience to captivate audiences centered on content instead of the screen itself.

When exposed to a variety of environmental conditions, video wall panels will run the chance of losing image quality as a result of distortion and irregular color presentation. To supply consistent video clarity and uninterrupted message delivery in any operational setting, Samsung’s video wall panels go through rigorous performance testing. Every display option has a reinforced panel that deters heat, weather and different stress-inducing conditions. As a result, Samsung’s superior panel prevents screen darkening, light leakage or any connected deterioration in image quality. Plus, an anti-glare panel to make sure messages reach relevant audiences with minimal distraction by light reflection – all these enhanced panel quality permits the long term delivery of fantastic contents and therefore the final viewing experience

Samsung Video Wall UD46E-B tech specs

Samsung Video Wall UD55E-B tech specs

Samsung Video Wall UD46E-C tech specs

2015 Samsung Video Wall Display Solutions

Panasonic Video Wall Features

Panasonic Large Format Display LFV5

Panasonic Large Format Display LFV5

The TH-55LFV50U is an ultra-narrow bezel 800cd/m2 illumination LED display screen devised for multiple digital signage deployments as well as network operations & control video walls. With the slimmest bezel thickness of under 3mm *1, TH-55LFV50Us are typically joined to form close to seamless and large video walls. With capabilities such as Infrared Radiation (IR) Throughput; DVI-D In/Out as well as RS-232C In/out , along with the capacity to churn out consistent illumination across all of the display =, the TH-55LFV50U is readily set up into spectacular video walls. The TH-55LFV50U features a Direct LED backlight as well as IPS LCD for vibrant effective signage as well as video with the capability from viewing at wide angles. It is VESA 400 x 400mm compatible usage in addition to the capability to be exhibited in either portrait in addition to landscape position, providing you with the mounting choices to support pretty much just about any video wall configuration .

Philips Video Wall Series

Philips BDL5588XL55” ULTRA Super Narrow Bezel Display Panel
– Full HD 1920 x 1080p
– 500 nits / 1400:1 Contrast Ratio
– IPS wide view technology for image and color
– 3.5mm Bezel
– Designed for 24/7 operation

Philips 55 inches LFD – 5588XL

What is a typical Video Wall in Singapore?

A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple large screen monitors, video projectors, or tv sets covered along contiguously or overlapped so as to make one giant screen. Typical monitor technologies embrace liquid crystal display panels, Direct view light-emitting diode arrays, blended projection screens, laser Phosphor Displays, and rear projection cubes.
Screens specifically designed to be used in video walls typically have slim bezels so as to attenuate mullion, the gap between active display areas, and are designed with 24/7 utility in mind. Such screens typically contain the hardware necessary to stack similar screens side by side, in conjunction with connections to daisy chain power, video, and command signals between screens. A command signal could, as an example, power all screens within the video wall on or off, or calibrate the brightness of one screen during bulb replacement.
Reasons for employing a video wall rather than one giant screen can include the power to customise tile layouts, bigger screen space per screen cost, and bigger pixel density per screen cost, thanks to the economics of producing single screens which are uncommon in form, size, or resolution.
Video walls are typically found in Network Operation Centre (NOC) control rooms, stadiums, and various big public venues. Video walls may also benefit smaller venues as patrons could view the screens both up near and at a distance, respectively necessitating both high pixel density and big size.
Simple video walls may be driven from multi-monitor video cards, but additional complicated arrangements could need specialised video processors, specifically designed to manage and drive big video walls. there’s additionally new software-centric video wall technology that uses standard PCs, displays and networking hardware
Video walls aren’t restricted to one purpose however are currently being employed in dozens of various applications. the worldwide video wall market is predicted to double by 2020 as technology continues to advance.



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