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Differences between a Call and Contact Centre

Call Center Solution is a system that manages voice calls, whereas a Contact Centre Solutions can manage multiple form of contact medium, like SMS, email, fax, web-chat, social media applications, video and more. A typical Call Center Solution has an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) function where the system automatically routes incoming calls to available agents to answer.

A telephone system, or PBX, can only route calls to a hunt group (a group of extensions) or in a sequential manner to agents. This results in an uneven distribution of calls. A PBX also does not allow calls to queue and to be placed on hold automatically. To manage a high call volume environment, a Call Center Solution is required.

Call Centre and Contact Centre Solution Key Functions

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

A Call Centre Solution provides Automatic Call Distribution. When an incoming call arrives, the system analyzes the next most available agent (the agent who has answered the least calls or done the least work) and sends the call to that seat. If all the available agents are busy, the call will be placed in a queue that plays a pre-recorded message or music.

Call Centre Reporting

Most systems will be able to provide a live report of the current call center statistics as well as historical reports to help call center managers understand the live situation as well as past information to help them plan resources and evaluate performances.

Call Recording

Additionally, some call centres install call recording systems for evaluation purposes or to be kept as evidence in the event of dispute. Call recording solutions range from trunk side recording to end point recording, from basic call storage to software interfaces for archive and retrieval. Advanced call recorders can provide advanced features like Call Quality Evaluation, where the Call Centre Manager can listen to recorded calls and evaluate performance and Screen Recording to record the actions taken by the agent on their computers.

Multimedia Contact Centre

With more users going on to a wider range of medium, some companies deploy multimedia contact centers to help manage enquiries from different sources. Customers looking through a website and use an embedded web-chat function to interact with a live agent. Some may choose to send an email while others may use social media applications like Facebook, Whatsapp or Linked. The multimedia contact center allows a wide range of contact medium to be channeled to its group of agents, allowing an even distribution of incoming queries to be managed and monitored.

CRM Integration

Some contact center requires CRM integration with their CRM software. When an incoming call arrives, the CRM will generate a screen pop up of the caller’s contact card based on the calling number. The agent will then be able to look through the customer details even before they pick up the call.

Today, most IP PBX comes with the option to add on Contact Center Software and Call Recording, eliminating the need for a company to buy and maintain multiple systems. For companies with a smaller setup, they can also consider hosted cloud based contact center solution.

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Avaya IPOCC (Avaya IP Office Contact Centre) Phones & Accessories

Contact center capabilities are extremely beneficial for building and maintaining client relationships.  Until now, however, complexity and cost place these capabilities out of the reach of the many smaller and midsize businesses.  With the new Avaya IP office Contact Center, Avaya has recognized and addressed  that differing sized contact centers tend to possess different needs. This purpose-built multichannel solution is a combination of the robust features these customers would like, with the simplicity and worth they’ve come to expect from IP office.

Traditional ‘call center’ solutions cannot support the demand for multichannel contact options, like email and internet chat. That said, complexity and cost may be barriers for midsize corporations. Avaya IP office Contact Center allows Avaya to offer new and existing IP office customers a comprehensive feature set at a reasonable price. With just a few part numbers it’s easy to put together and installs quickly and easily. now our customers are able to serve their customers – quicker, efficiently and affordably.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center

Supporting five – one hundred contact center agents, IP Office Contact Center allows the blending of multichannel capabilities that improve client experiences and agent potency

Purpose-built for the Avaya IP Office platform to enable voice, email and chat capabilities for contact centers with five -100 agents, Avaya IP office Contact Center provides midsize businesses with Avaya’s experience in client experience management in an exceedingly solution that’s versatile, straightforward to use, maintain and administer.

A contact center offers valuable advantages to any size company by making it easier for customers to access info and resources. Customers desire a low-effort, effective service experience through any channel they want to use: an Avaya survey demonstrated that over eighty percent of individuals are likely to continue doing business with an organization that has a good experience, however sixty six % of customers are likely to stop spending money with an organization as a result of a nasty one.
For midmarket firms, however, smaller budgets and restricted IT resources have challenged their ability to seek out true, multichannel contact center solutions that match their wants for affordability and low-risk integration, as well as simple installation and management.
Avaya IP office Contact Center blends the experience gained through 50,000 contact center deployments covering over six million agents with the company’s growing command of the midmarket. With Avaya IP office Contact Center, midsize corporations will now simply and effectively manage inward and outgoing multichannel client interactions.
Designed to work as an integral portion of Avaya ip office 9.0 platform that provides rich unified communications and video collaboration, Avaya IP office Contact Center offers:

  • Support for multichannel incoming and outgoing contacts (voice, email, chat)
  • A superior agent interface to speedily access to client info
  • Call recording for each agent and versatile reporting
  • Versatile deployment choices – a dedicated server or in a virtualized environment
  • Extremely competitive pricing fitted to midsize businesses
  • Configuration in hours, with fewer steps than competitive solutions
  • Straightforward set-up, maintenance, and management
  • IP office software Support

Avaya IP Office Contact Center Brochure

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

SIP trunks are vulnerable at the point where the SIP trunk connects to the general public network which may leave a business exposed to hacker attacks as well as spoofing, call hijacking, eavesdropping and toll fraud. In additional to cause potential harm to business operations, privacy and security mandates like those for credit and health data (e.g., PCI and HIPAA) need these vulnerabilities to be addressed, or risk imposing vital monetary and legal penalties for non-compliance.

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise provides an entire application-layer security architecture in one device:
SIP Firewall, Session Border Controller, Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion prevention System (IDS/IPS), Access Controller, Authentication, Unified Communications Proxy and Policy Enforcementfor all period unified communication applications.

The Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise is meant to securely enable many deployments, including:

  • Enabling remote employees to connect without VPN, giving true support of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) while not the administrative overhead of a Virtual private Network (VPN) solution
  • Secure UC applications coming into the enterprise core
  • Secure Border Access for incumbent and competitive local exchange

Avaya Session Border Controller Brochure

Avaya 16CC Agent Deskphone

Avaya 16CC Agent Deskphone

Avaya 16CC Agent Deskphone

Built for call-center environments, the 16CC is a cost-efficient deskphone that brings SIP and basic ACD (automatic call distribution) to the agent desktop.





Avaya 9641GS IP Deskphone

Avaya 9641GS IP Deskphone

Avaya 9641GS IP Deskphone

This desktop phone delivers advanced capabilities with a 5-inch color touchscreen, wideband speaker, USB interface, and integrated gigabit to the desktop. A perfect choice for knowledge workers, this model is particularly helpful for contact center agents. It simplifies access to greetings, in-queue call monitoring, and agent status updates.




Avaya 9650 IP Deskphone

Avaya 9650 IP Deskphone

Avaya 9650 IP Deskphone

The 9650 IP Deskphone is for receptionists and contact center agents—anyone who manages a substantial volume of calls. It delivers advanced capabilities like built-in button functions for one-touch access to bridges and feature keys.




 Avaya Aura Call Centre Elite

Avaya Aura Contact Centre Session Border Controller Enterprise Factsheet


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