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What is an IP based phone system?

Avaya IP PBX Singapore

Avaya IP PBX Singapore

IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. IP PBX is a telephone system that utilizes Internet Protocol to transport voice communications, enabling a wide range of deployment options of telephony services. For example, the IP PBX can be located in an office while its users can be connected from another location using an IP Phone or IP softphone. This allows a business to maximize the IP PBX to extend phone services to users who are outside of the office. Secondly, 2 systems can also be connected for VoIP, enabling International IDD calls to be made over the Internet. Finally, customers can consider deploying the IP PBX in the cloud or subscribe to a hosted PBX, also known as Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS. The will provide the business with a solution as an operating expense (OPEX) and reserve precious capital (CAPEX). Hence, IP PBX is an ideal solution for companies that have regional offices or a mobile workforce.

When selecting a new IP PBX, there are 3 main components to be considered:

  1. Incoming Lines

There are a variety of telephony services that can be subscribed from a telco:

Analog CO Trunks run on older analog technology – it is an affordable service that is suitable for small setups of less than 10 people. As analog lines do not provide direct numbers, calls to the main line are normally routed to a receptionist or to a group of extensions known as a hunt group. As a company grows, there will be more people and more calls, resulting in a very noisy environment where phones are always ringing or there might be simultaneous calls which the receptionist cannot answer. With the emergence of SIP trunks, more customers are moving away from analog technology to have more scalable and flexible telephony services.

  • ISDN 10 or 30 (Digital lines offered in 10 or 30 lines)

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN is a digital telephony service that offers direct numbers, making it possible for every user to have a unique number to be reached on. This makes it easy for each user to be reached directly, bypassing the main number. In Singapore, ISDN are offered in 10 or 30 channels and can be subscribed in multiples.

  • SIP Trunks (Lines running on Internet Protocol)

SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol – it uses Internet to deliver voice services. SIP is the latest telephony technology, offering scalability and flexibility. Using SIP, you can start from as little as 2 channels and grow as your company scales. SIP also offers direct number DDI and can be deployed anywhere as long as there is Internet connectivity.

The customer should consider the type of connectivity that is suitable for their business operations.

  1. Telephone Endpoints

There are also different types of telephone endpoints:

  1. Analog Phones (using RJ11 Cat 3 cables)
  2. Digital Phones (using RJ11 Cat 3 cables)
  3. IP Phones (using RJ45 connectors, Cat 5 to 6 cables)
  4. IP Softphones (Software based phones that can be installed on laptops or mobile devices)
  5. SIP Phones (3rd party IP Phones that are much cheaper than IP Phones but offer limited functions)

Most customers are using IP Phones these days but Digital Phones can also be used if the customer does not want to re-lay their existing cables. Digital Phones, however, cannot be connected outside of the office unlike IP Phones.

  1. Additional Feature Application

A solid IP based telephone system should also offer a lot more features than a traditional telephone system. These applications can help to make work more convenient like synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook contacts, enabling calls to be made from mobile devices, integration with video conferencing and also adding on a Contact Center.

  1. Outlook Contacts – allows users to click on contact cards to trigger a call from their phones
  2. Mobile Devices – rings both the desk phone and mobile phone, allowing the user to receive calls even when they are not at their desk
  3. Video Conferencing – an advanced IP PABX system also offers video calls, allowing users to video conference and share presentation slides
  4. Contact Center – some businesses may require a proper contact center solution to help manage high call volumes to support their customers. Contact center solutions help to manage calls in the queue and route callers to appropriate agents to attend.

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Faster means of communications are a critical necessity in any organization which conducts business. In times when the economy is doing well and even more so when times are bad, competition is stiff and any advantage can mean the gain or subsequent loss of revenue. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a voice communication technology which is based on the transmission of data over data cables and the internet very much like what you already use for your instant messaging, video conferencing, email and web browsing. The traditional private branch exchange servers have now incorporated internet protocol technology into telephony communication and Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchanges (IP PBX) are the newest entrants into the telecommunication market. Voice is now transmitted as digital data signals versus traditional analogue electrical signals. This allows the users to utilize pre-existing data cabling infrastructure which is readily found in a typical office set up. A digital system also allows cost savings where features such as an entry level voice recording feature would have been very costly to implement in an analogue system. IP based telephony set ups are robust, reliable and are much easier to maintain which is actualized in maintenance savings. IP PABX telephone systems are increasingly sought after by businesses as the requirements for features and better ROI from their investments are recognized. IP-PBX telephony systems are easily scalable, contains advanced functions such as automatically converting all your voicemails and sending it to your email. There is also no need to change your telephone line as they are also easily connected to PSTN, ISDN, SIP trunking from Singtel, Starhub, M1, MyRepublic or Hoiio.

Such a telephone system set up encompasses an IP PBX server, IP Phones, and optional gateways that is needed correspondingly based on your telephone line subscription. As the PBX server is located within your Local Area Network (LAN), the data is not carried for long distances and no noticeable lag or delay in telephone usage is experienced. Cloud PBX and off premise equipment are subjected to a different consideration as they travel through the internet and are then subjected to the corresponding delays which might occur. IP PBX are readily compatible with SIP based telephone trunks which result in immense cost savings for the customer. Not only are the monthly charges significantly cheaper than ISDN, they are also easily and cheaply scalable based on your company requirements. Overseas calls are also significantly reduced without the need to open a separate account with another service provider. An IPPBX produces significant costs savings through monthly operating costs and are extremely cost effective when used in a high number set up.

Set ups with regional or branch offices can be connected through the internet or a leased line to each other. As the voice is transferred as data, there is no IDD charges involved which can result in significant cost savings. An IP based set up also allows software based telephones to be installed into the user’s computer. This allows the integration of other functions and features such as Customer Relation Management (CRM), Microsoft Lync and Jabber integration.

Cynosure also works with IP Phone systems from: Unfiy, Shoretel and Panasonic to provide the best solutions to our customers.


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