SIP Trunk Services

Switch your legacy business telephone lines to VoIP SIP Trunking Services to Save More Cost!

Avaya Contact Centres are SIP ready for you to take your business to the next level. Our partner SIP Trunk Service Providers provide you local and global phone numbers for you to take your business internationally at the click of a mouse. Best part is, you may not even need a broadband connection. Contact us for enquiries on provisioning, calling rates and lead-time.

SpiderGate DNC Services

SpiderGate is a Do-Not-Call Management System that complements your telemarketing efforts.

It works by automatically checking and filtering out telephone numbers from your company’s centralized blacklist and the DNC registry with minimal disruption to your marketing calls, SMS and faxes to your prospects, and works in compliance with the PDPA/DNC guidelines.

Why Do You Need SpiderGate?

With the introduction of the Personal Data Protection Act and the DNC registry, people making B2C calls must first ensure that the numbers they are calling are not registered at the DNC registry. Failure to do this can result in a fine of up to S$10,000.

Using SpiderGate helps in these ways:

There is no need to log in to the DNC registry to check your numbers before making a call/sending a message. SpiderGate does that for you – and it also checks against your company’s centralized blacklist at the same time.

You do not have to remind yourself to check your contact list at the DNC registry each time when the validity period ends.

Data Protection Officers can easily manage the company centralized blacklist.
Compliance is much easier as Data Protection Officers have a clear audit trail.

How It Works:

Hoiio Spider Gate – How it worksOur collaboration with Hoiio allows the SpiderGate DNC System to be directly integrated into all of our voice products in our offerings.

Pick up the phone and start making those sales calls without worrying anymore.


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