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What is a trading turret?

A trading turret or dealer board is a specialised telephone key system that’s usually utilized by financial traders on their trading desks.
Trading turrets, in contrast to typical phone systems, have a large variety of features, functions and capabilities specifically designed for the requirements of financial traders. trading turrets allow users to visualize and prioritise incoming call activity from customers or counter-parties and place calls to those same parties instantly by pushing one button to access dedicated point-to-point phone lines (commonly referred to as Ringdown circuits). additionally, many traders have dozens or even hundreds of dedicated speed dial buttons and enormous distribution hoot-n-holler or squawk box circuits which permit immediate mass dissemination or exchange of information to other traders inside their organization or to customers and counter-parties. as a result of these needs many Turrets have multiple handsets and multi-channel speaker units, usually these are shared by teams (for example: equities, fixed income, foreign exchange) or in some cases globally across whole trading organizations.

Unlike standard Private Branch Exchange telephone systems (PBX) designed for general office users, trading turret system architecture has traditionally relied on highly distributed switching architectures that enable parallel processing of calls and provides a “non-blocking, non-contended” state wherever there’s always a larger number of trunks (paths in/out of the system) than users in addition as fault tolerance that ensures that any single part failure can’t have an effect on all users or lines. As computing power has increased and switching technologies have matured, voice trading systems are evolving from digital time-division multiplexing (TDM) system architectures to Internet Protocol (IP) server-based architectures. IP technologies have transformed communications for traders by allowing converged, multimedia system communications that include, additionally to traditional voice calls, presence-based communications such as: unified communications and electronic messaging, instant messaging (IM), chat and audio/video conferencing.

Unify – Trading Turret for Singapore deployments

OpenScape Xpert from Unify is a virtualized, smart trading solution that combines voice, data, security, risk reduction and seamless communication with a robust, multi-functional turret for a software-driven solution that lowers your organization’s total cost of ownership (TCO). It’s trading that’s fast, compliant, integrated.

OpenScape Xpert supports in excess of 600 lines per user. It’s flexible to suit the working styles of each and every trader – with nearly 200 easily customizable user pages and more than 12,000 soft buttons.

Traders can create powerful shortcuts and assign them to hard or soft-keys and take those preferences and configurations with them though secure global free seating. Traders on the move can access their settings regardless of location whether at a soft client or another turret.

Need to support multiple languages? No problem. Users can customize their interface to English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian and many others.

And it’s packed with productivity-enhancing features you would expect – from our powerful call queue functionality to dedicated automatic and manual ringdowns (ARDs and MRDs) and shoutdowns.

The result: instant trading floor conversations that deliver a competitive edge.

Call Compliance

With compliance a critical concern, OpenScape Xpert has you covered. Secure Real Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) delivers your data with the highest degree of security, while integrating with any of the leading voice recording solutions. So whether calls are coming in or going out, privacy is maintained and full compliance achieved.

Reliable Components

OpenScape Xpert is built for continuous 24/7/365 operations, and supports system updates without downtime. It’s massively resilient.

Every single component can be doubled up and made fully redundant. Not only that, thanks to New Distributed Server Architecture Step2 (NDSA2) you can deploy multiple System Managers in one OpenScape Xpert implementation. And that significantly increases the resilience of the entire system.

It’s built on our OpenScape Voice platform – a carrier-grade, native SIP-based soft switch – providing highly resilient and comprehensive voice features across the IP network. It can support up to 3,000 branches and 6,000 business groups with multi-tenant capabilities. So it’s ideal for large-scale trading networks. Plus, it includes standard T virtualization and management options –- like support for VMware deployments.

IP Trading Turret

Unify Trading Turret Singapore

Unify Trading Turret Singapore

Central to OpenScape Xpert is the state-of-the-art 6010p IP trading turret which minimizes desktop footprint and maximizes communication efficiency

It’s fast: one-button access to concentrated querying and display of incoming and parked calls (prioritized call queue).

It’s comprehensive: a complete range of communications modes and channels; ringdowns, shoutdowns, intercom and broadcast –– to reach the one or many individuals required to close the deal.

It’s multimedia: delivering IPTV sound channels to speakers, handset or headset.

It’s trackable: an instant customer record pop-up, based on Caller ID, with inbound call logging and automatic redial for missed calls.

The technology:

High resolution & contrast 10.4” touchscreen

No fan or hard drive for silent, low-energy operation

Up to four handsets and 24 speaker channels per turret

Redundant LAN ports (2) and USB v2.0 ports

OpenScape Xpert for Traders:

Customize your turrets.

Quickly set up and enjoy the ease-of-use.

Work more efficiently with the only turret solution where the soft client is virtually identical to the hard device experience.

Enjoy the superior communications experience of the OpenScape Voice platform (single vendor consolidation) and TV channels built-in (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.).


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