SME Go Digital

In Budget 2017, SMEs Go Digital was mentioned to assist small to medium enterprises in boosting their digital capabilities. The goal of this program is to raise the digital capabilities/readiness of SMEs, improve productivity and increase revenue of SME.

The rapid digitization landscape has changed the way we live our lives. Many of such digital evolutions have brought in disruptions to the way businesses and value chains are traditionally handled. Such disruptions also bring about opportunities to improve business processes, reduce operational expenses and to enter markets previously not viable, bringing about new business opportunities.

The rapidly and increasingly sophisticated advancements in ICM solutions make it the best time to push forward with digital transformations for SMEs. In this new digital economy, SME Go Digital exists to enable Small to Medium Enterprises with the capabilities to achieve efficiencies internally, reduce costs and provide better offerings of service for sustained growth.

Digital Economy

Productivity tools such as digital point of sales (taking orders + making payment) and fleet management are currently available to SMEs. Other digital related capabilities such as cyber security, protection of data, data analytics, are also added in the SMEs Go Digital.

SME Digital Journey